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Re: NAT problems

Carlos Pasqualini a écrit :

this is what i'm looking for documentation about
do you know where the new nf_nat framework is documented??
i want to learn just about it

I'm afraid there is not much documentation. Anyway there is not so much to say about it. The primary goal was to add connection tracking for ip6tables (IPv6). Anything that was not layer 3 (i.e. IPv4 or IPv6) specific, such as TCP, UDP, FTP... connection tracking was moved away from IPv4 conntrack and made common. The major difference is that most ip_conntrack_* and ip_nat_* modules were renamed nf_conntrack* and nf_nat*. However this should be transparent to iptables. Also aliases of the old names were added in the new conntrack/nat helper modules for compatibility so, for instance :
# modprobe ip_nat_ftp
would still work as expected and load the module nf_nat_ftp.ko.

The biggest visible change was in the build options, but it does not matter if you use a binary kernel package.

Where does your kernel come from ? Is it a precompiled Debian package or did you build it from the source ? AFAIK, the latest kernel version in lenny is 2.6.21.

my fault.. it's 2.6.21 (lenny binary)

This one has nf_conntrack/nf_nat enabled anyway.
Again, please describe precisely what is going wrong.

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