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Re: NAT problems


El mié, 12-09-2007 a las 22:22 +0200, Pascal Hambourg escribió:
> Hello,

> A new NAT framework alternative (nf_nat) was introduced in kernel 2.6.20 
> in addition to the new IPv4+IPv6 conntrack framework alternative 
> (nf_conntrack) that was introduced in kernel 2.6.15. The old IPv4-only 
> conntrack+NAT framework (ip_conntrack+ip_nat) was removed from kernel 
> 2.6.22. Many configuration options related to iptables, connection 
> tracking and NAT changed location and name.

this is what i'm looking for documentation about
do you know where the new nf_nat framework is documented??
i want to learn just about it


> Where does your kernel come from ? Is it a precompiled Debian package or 
> did you build it from the source ? AFAIK, the latest kernel version in 
> lenny is 2.6.21.
my fault.. it's 2.6.21 (lenny binary)

thanks !!


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