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Re: working ftp-rules with iptables

On Tue, May 08, 2007 at 07:47:48AM +0200, Lutz Feldgen wrote:


I try to get the following working with iptables:

incoming ftp (passive or active)
outgoing ftp (to single special ftp-server)

Can anybody help me with this, its driving me mad...

First of all, what do you really want ? Running a ftp server on your own
computer or being able to access external ftp server, or perhaps both.

Have a look at those two pictures in order to see the differences between
active and passive mode (french link but it does not matter) :


What rules have you tried to run by now ?
thanks for the quick answer and sorry for the incomplete description. Right now I cannot fetch the used ruleset from the server but my intention is to keep it as secure for my server as possible. I want to run an ftp-server to give the possibility to upload something but also need access to an external ftp-server for backups. At least apt-get should find a way to fetch packets through the firewall. The decision whether to run active or passive on my own ftp-server depends on the security level of the underlying ruleset.


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