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Re: access proxy via PuTTy

Hello Carolyn

I think the problem is:
So you only allow your lokal Network to connect to the proxy but not
"localhost". You should add "Allow" in your configuration

Because you connect from outside to your gateway machine (is that's
Than "sshd" is running on the gateway and tried to connect to
"localhost:8888" or in other words "" but that's not
allowed in your configuration.

Which IP has your gateway in your lokal lan?
If it has (for example) than try in your PuTTY
"" instead of "".

Please tell us (on the list) if it helps.

Best regards

Mario Koppensteiner

On Thu, Mar 08, 2007 at 02:53:02AM +0100, Carolyn Debian wrote:
> Apparently I didn't explain clearly.
> 1. The gateway machine is at home. I use PuTTy to connect to it from a 
> remote site. I set the Tunnel in PuTTy as: source port 8080, destination: 
> localhost:8888
> 2. The tunnel is not for my LAN at home. It's for access to the gateway 
> machine remotely.
> 3. Allow is copied from somewhere. Anyway, using 
> doesn't make a difference.
> 4. Yes, I'm using PPPoE.
> 5. No, doesn't work either.
> My whole purpose is trying to access internet via the gateway machine at 
> home from a remote site.
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