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Re: remote access to proxy

Before I read the entire script posted -

1. Why are you setting proxy and tunnel to 'localhost'? Shouldn't the proxy be on your gateway machine?

2. What are you attempting to use the tunnel for? It is not clear why you are using the tunnel or how you wish to use it. My guess is that you are trying to make the local machines use a tunnel to access the internet via the proxy on your gateway.  (Great if you have a Wireless router in there, but strange if you have a wired LAN - unless you want to prevent people on the LAN from sniffing others' packets).

3. In your configuration, this is a very strange setting:
Did you make a mistake in the post or is your net mask really /25?

4.  Are you using PPPoE? I'm just asking because you mention 'ppp0' - you will not have this on DSL modems unless you are using PPPoE to connect.

5. Perhaps WinDos is not resolving 'localhost' and you have to explicitly put '127....' ?

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