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Re: weird: nslookup can't resolve hostnames


The ip address as DNS nameservers are obtained via DHCP from my ISP, these
name servers are the same I've specified staticaly for each of my internal
boxes. I use the same rules for iptables to set the firewall, but
'nslookup' still sending the same problem, with firewall rules up or not.

Thanx in advance.


Original Message:
From: Mihira Fernando mihiratheace@gmail.com
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 11:13:29 +0700
To: debian-firewall@lists.debian.org, debian-firewall@lists.debian.org
Subject: Re: weird: nslookup can't resolve hostnames

mario@cancun.net wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Mi problem with 'nslookup' is kind of strange, the story is:
> I've installed a Debian Sarge 3.1r2 as a gateway which is running Squid
> Dansguardian for proxy and web content filtering. My internet conection is
> a ADSL (ppp0) link.

still the same problem.
> # nslookup ftp.debian.org
> ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached
> dbfw:~# nslookup
>> server
> Default server:
> Address:
> Default server:
> Address:
>> server cancun.net
> nslookup: Couldn't find server 'cancun.net': Temporary failure in name
> resolution
> dbfw:~#

Put your firewall settings back to what it was when the whole setup worked.
Do you have Dynamic IP or static IP for your ADSL connection ? And how 
is your name server address obtained ? via DHCP or static name server ?

Most likely the problem is that the name server used in Squid and/or 
dansguardian is no longer accessible. Check the nameserver settings.

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