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Re: iptables and squid

> Firstly, I'm not an expert in iptables or squid...I just use both on a
> regular basis. :)
> From my readings of the Squid man pages and other online resources, I
> am led to believe that not all protocols are capable of being handled
> by redirecting the destination ports (21, 443, etc.) to squid-proxy's
> listening port (3128). I believe this method is called transparent
> proxying.
> I'm quite confident that Squid can't transparently proxy FTP and SSL
> protocols....however, I'm not sure about what other protocols could be
> tranparently proxied (I only transparently proxy port 80 for myself).

HTTP, and nothing but.  Squid isn't a general purpose transparent proxy
server.  For FTP you could look at the 'frox' package, which does
transparently proxy FTP, and can go through squid while doing so.

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