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how to filter more than 1 port in one line

hi there!!
im trying to filter ports on my firewall
but i would like to close more than one port in one line of my script
chek here
iptables -A  FORWARD -s -p tcp --dport 8000 -d -j DROP

now i want to add in that line the port 5000 8888
50001 and other else
how can i do that ?
i all ready try with "," but no working

any advice?
                           Luis A. Rondon Paz
    L I N U X       .~.    Admin intranet CNT
   The  Choice      /V\    icq #132736035
    of a GNU       /( )\   itachi@cnt.uo.edu.cu
   Generation      ^^-^^    Santiago de cuba

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