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Attempt to contact -- M2k

Dear Prospective Student:

It has come to our attention that you may now qualify for our unique University Education Program. Thanks to a Private Nomination, for yourself and a limited amount of other candidates - No tests, classes, books, or interviews are required*

In order to explore this Special Invitation Enrollment further simply call the number below Anytime.

Bachelors, Masters, MBA, and Doctorate (PhD) available in the field of your choice - 100% Verifiable Documents will be shipped to you within 2 weeks.

CALL US 24-7 - This Special Enrollment is Time Sensitive. 

1 - (206) - 600 - 7904

Looking Forward To Hearing From You,

Anne Fuller
Office of the Registrar

*Degree is awarded based on private nomination, current knowledge and life experience.  

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