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Re: ipv6

On 4/12/06, itachi@cnt.uo.edu.cu <itachi@cnt.uo.edu.cu> wrote:
> hi there how can i make ipv6 avaliable on my debian computer
> ?
> what package i have to install?

If you have a default kernel, the IPv6 support should be enabled.

# mkdir /dev/net ;mknod /dev/net/tun c 10 200
# apt-get install tspc
# ping6 www.kame.net

That should give you IPv6.

If you can read spanish, there's a nice howto here:

It shows you how you can have a permanent IPv6 (actually
a prefix --- a lot of addresses) once you have an Internet
routable IPv4.

BTW, does anybody have a basic firewall script for ipv6?


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