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Re: FWbuilder 2.0.10 on Sarge

Hoi Jeremy,

>    As the one that actually maintains Fwbuilder for Debian, I can say up
> until Sarge went stable I had provided backports for Woody (previous
> stable version) for this reason. However, after some issues with the
> Debian.org host I had the backports available on (via apt even) I never
> bothered to set it back up as it didn't appear to be used.
>    Right now I'm trying to work on improving the package build
> environment a lil more to make it easier for me to get the new releases
> out quicker. Currently I only have 2.0.9 uploaded for Testing/Unstable.
>    If there is indeed a desire for backports I may work on setting that
> back up as I already use a chroot to build the packages and setting up a
> stable chroot to build in will be easy enough.

It would be of great help to me either way... backports for Sarge would
be great of course but I'm also happy to provide the community with
those backports ... once I know how to setup a safe (chroot) package
build environment.

Please let me know if I can be of any help.


PS I have 20+ years experience with software engineering... but I've
just recently started to use Debian and Linux/Unix build environments,
so I'm running a little behind...


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