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Re: shaping a little (only some files)

On Fri, Aug 19, 2005 at 02:49:34PM +0200, Leonardo Boselli wrote:
> I have a server, it is connected via a 100 mb NIC to a router that in turn
> is connected, together with other servers and ws to internet.
> I have observed that if no one is using the net (for example at 0600 on
> sunday) people can download from apache up to a rate that is limited
> just by the ide interface.
> Of course if this occour when many (about 600) people are connected
> using up to 60 Mb of bandwidth is not acceptable.

It seems like mod_bandwidth is just what you're looking for:

  "Mod_bandwidth" is a module for the Apache webserver that enable the
  of server-wide or per connection bandwidth limits, based on the directory,
  size of files and remote IP/domain.


I never used mod_bandwidth myself, but it sounds decent enough.

> I wish then set three timeslot: one weekdays 8 to 19 , one 19 to 24 and
> 7 to 8 and the third 24 to 7.

I guess you'll have to come up with some ugly cron-script to change the
parameters to mod_bandwidth. Good luck ;-)


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