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Fair traffic shaping per IP (like with masked dummynet queues)

Hi all

My goal is an IP-Router that does fair traffic shaping for the hosts
behind my ADSL link. By "fair traffic shaping" I mean that the available
bandwith is split equally between all active hosts. I want this to
happen dynamically, so that I don't have to update or reload my scripts if
another Host is added to the LAN.

I've done this before with FreeBSDs dummynet, where queues could be
associated with a mask so that separate queues for each source or
destiantion address would be created automatically. 

After skipping through the LARTC Howto and generally pestering Google with
variances of the query "linux traffic shaping per host", I was left with
the impression that there is nothing like the "Dynamic queue creation" I
knew from dummynet. Now I hope someone knows how to dynamically split 
available bandwith for mutliple hosts with the linux Kernel or some
userland tools.


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