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Re: activate iptables rules on a bridge module installed debian machine

On 21 Jul 2005, Uğur Büyükdemirci wrote:

> We use debian 3.1 to accomplish a firewall application. We use
> iptables (1.2.11 default installed on debian) and bridge (erhernet
> bridging-1.0.6). We can configure bridge utulities and we can use it
> as a transparent machine on our network. But we want to use iptables
> to restrict the network traffic. We use this system  for restrict the
> p2p programs on our network. We can't activate the iptables rules on
> this machine. We can see iptables rules but it cant work as we want.

As far as I know, to get iptables to work on a *bridged* network, rather
than an IP layer forwarding network, you need different tools.

Grab the 'ebtables' package, and have a look at the documentation there.
That should point you in the right direction.


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