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Re: standard iptables file?

Thomas Wallrafen wrote:
> Hi Dimitris!
> Thus spoke Dimitris Koukis:
>>is there s standard way load iptables configuration
>>at boot time? It is trivial to run a script that loads the configuration
>>but i was wondering if there is something standard.
> Take a look at /etc/default/iptables. That should answer all your
> questions, I guess.

This seemed to dissapear in sarge. If you installed woody then it's
fine, but from sarge-onwards seems the way to control iptables is
through /etc/network/ip-x.d/ scripts.

That said, I like the iptables init script, and if you want to grab the
/etc/default/iptables & /etc/init.d/iptables files then get them from

> Bye,
>     Thomas

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