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Re: Firewall-troubleshooting

On 3 Jul 2005, KC wrote:
> I am tring out firehol right now on a fresh optimized version of this
> firewall that I decided to make from scratch. The damn thing still
> won't work. I know I am missing something important in both these
> scripts because in both cases it drops everything and my rules are not
> functioning at all.

So, firehol fails in exactly the same way that your hand-written script
did?  That sounds suspiciously like something deeper is wrong, then,
than just an error in your firewall rules.

So, does it work with the trivial 'client all accept' firehol

If not, can you describe how your system is connected to the Internet,
and where you are trying the tests from, in detail?  Also, a copy of any
kernel messages, especially iptables log output, and a copy of a tcpdump
on your external interface would be helpful...


To know anything well involves a profound sensation of ignorance.
        -- John Ruskin, _Modern Painters_

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