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rules for 2nd inteface on gateway


I'm new to this list and new to firewall so please be kind if any
question seem obvious.

Here is my problem. I have a little home lan with one interface
connected to my modem/router (eth0), another for the lan (ath0,
wireless) and a third one (eth1) which I use to repair thing when the
wireless doesn't work (very rarely):

eth0 : fixed
ath0: fixed (and two boxes on that network, *.20.2 et
eth1: fixe

and I defined two ip aliases on eth1, eth1:1 and eth1:2 as

eth1:1 :
eth1:2 :

in order to run ntp on them and have my lan get the time from it.
Everything work fine until I decided to activate on the gateway  the
iptables. Now, from the internet all of my ports are blocked, as
desired, I can surf without any problem from any of the
boxes, but they cannot access the network and this is were
my question arises. Which rules do I have to put to get things working?

thank you very much


ps : all boxes running debian sarge with 2.6 kernels.

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