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Re: Security risk with firestarter

Tomas Junnonen wrote:
A.E.Lawrence wrote:

I have another problem with this first attempt to get firestarter running: all the options in the Policy menu are "greyed out" and all the otherways of customizing rules are also inactive, but that presumably is a different issue. This is under debian sarge.

This is probably because of the GUI being confusing. You must select one of the groups on the policy page before the toolbar actions become active. The right-click context menu on the groups themselves should however always be accessible. I hope to make this easier this for the next Firestarter release.

Ah. I had read about clicking on the groups in the documentation and had been clicking away to no avail on the headings. Encouraged by your reply, I now discover that clicking on the blank windows works. I am embarrassed that I did not discover that for myself. Thanks.


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