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Re: Debian Full Distro v Debian 'Stripped Down' for firewall?

..is openvpn as easy on windroids as pptp?  (Some use it as isp's
"internet access authorisation", to minimize support costs.)
It can be.


What I do is the following:

=> I have all my OpenVPN keys on a 'secure' server. I store all my keys there.


- I have installed the nullsoft installer package that is up for download on the link above but *not on the server*, on the local machine.

- I have a perl script which ssh on the secure servers, creates certificates for the new host, copies them locally, writes host-specific config files using a configuration template, and then lauches nullsoft NSIS using wine. If you're interested I'll mail it to you privately, *but* it's in a 'there is no documentation, it works for me' state.

So I can do build.pl <new_hostname> and whamo! I get a nice 'n fresh windows installer that sets up a windows box to connect on my own VPN. All you need to do is launch the installer, then go through the windows next... next... i agree... next... continue... next... next... routine. And then double-click on some network icon conveniently located in the task bar.

It took me about a day to get this working and I was starting from scratch (didn't know much about OpenVPN...)


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