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--- "hutger H." <lfaj-listas@tempest.com.br> wrote:

> Hi Folks, 
> I have had some problems since I upgraded my woody stable debian
> firewall to
Your rules might not have been changed during the upgrade but the way thay
are used might have.  What was/are your past/current iptables rules?

> the sarge testing. It seems to be working fine but when try to connect
> to
> some HTTPS web sites seems that the packets get dropped. The same
> happens
Use "tcpdump" and "iptables -v -L" for a better idea of what's going on. 
Do you have some more information on what pkts are getting droped and what
iptable rules are being hit/used?

> when I try to connect to MSN Messenger service. Even when I flush all
> the
> rules and set back just the MASQUERADE rule for all the network, it
> still
MASQUERADE should only be used in some situations.  Read the docs and find
out if you should be using SNAT or MASQUERADE.  Why are you using

> doesn't work. 
> Everything seems to be fine and I don't know what's going on, so I
> appeal
> for your help. Does someone has seen this problem?
Lots of times, it's usualy do to some simple mistake you will have found
befour you even read this sentance.  If not we are still here to help.

> Thanks a lot
> Hutger
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