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Re: Help with pptp

On 27 Oct 2004, Matthew Palmer wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 26, 2004 at 07:41:01PM +0200, Raffaele D'Elia wrote:
>> I'm looking for help about a pptp link between a windows xp (client) and a
>> woody (server).
>> The tunnel works well for some hours but, often, goes down.
>> In the pppd log I've found an "LCP Term Req id 0x08 <garbage>" followed by
>> "LCP Terminated by peer (<the_same_garbage>)".
> I'm no PPP log message translation guru, but that LCP Term Req looks to me
> like the remote end saying "I want to close the link now", which the local
> pppd is simply honouring.

You are quite correct in your reading of that request/response sequence.

> Does the XP VPN client have any sort of "drop connection after this
> long" setting, either as an idle timeout or absolute connectionl
> length thing?

This is certainly a client-side issue.
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