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Re: iptables -A or iptables -I?


Rainer Nagel wrote:

Another speedup can be achieved by using iptables-restore and creating
its input file with the script.

Ever so true, that actually is the best solution when it comes to input speed - does of course not solve the dirtyness of that ruleset ;-) Anyway, to point every beginner and even the advanced to a really good source: I myself started pulling old printouts from the shelf to read up on the issue and once again I was amazed by the depth and quality of http://iptables-tutorial.frozentux.net by Oskar Andreasson

That's also where I found the passage stating that when stuff is being inserted, appended or altered the whole ruleset is being pulled out of kernelspace, updated and reinserted. (Chapter 5 'Saving and restoring large rulesets, 5.1 'Speed considerations').

best regards


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