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Re: Optimizing Kernel for huge iptables ruleset

On Tue, 19 Oct 2004 14:04:00 +0200, Martin G.H. Minkler wrote
> Alohá!
> The situation:
> AMD 1600 XP w/ 640 MB RAM @ 100MHZ FSB, one 3COM 905B eth1 connected 
> to LAN, one 3COM 905C connected to ADSL Modem (1024/128 line).
> Two iptables rulesets:
> The first 'normal' ruleset is pretty restrictive against connetions 
> from the outside, more or less open towards connections opened from 
> the LAN. The second ruleset inserted after the first is a huge IP 
> blacklist 
> (1.4MB iptables script!) that takes nearly half an hour to be 
> inserted into the running ruleset.

I don't quite understand your exact setup, but what about
blocking everything and only allow what you want?


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