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Re: load balance between an ADSL and a Cable connections

--- feanor7 <feanor7@superig.com.br> wrote:

> Hi! I was wondering how to make a linux box, with both ADSL and Cable
> connections, share they together in a load balance way. Just give me the
> guide lines or necessary softwares. I'll try to do the hard work. :-)
Also don't forget to shape the trafic.  I don't know what the kernel dose
by default, but I'm guessing you have 256K on the cable(is also
asymetrical) and much less(64K) on the ADSL.  This would lead to only
using 64K on BOTH serveces, as equal bandwith might(by default) be used on
both connections.  This is a side effect of the ADSL modem DROPING
anything above 64K, most of these descktop media convertes are not like
modems(IEEE RS-232) in regard to flow-control.  Then TCP's, even with ECN,
bandwith detection will cap you at 128K.

I use the wondershaper my self, well something simular. :)

> Thanks!
> Feanor7

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