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Re: Blocking internal ports

Katipo wrote:
Ranata Kabia wrote:

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 I am struggling with the the issue of blocking ports so particular
 users have no access to MS-Messenger from my network, any help with
 this? Please advise

As long as you are running Microsoft, you will continue to have this problem. Not just with messenger, but also explorer and outlook/express, amongst other microsoft applications. If you are getting the new SP2, forget it, it's a waste of time, it has more holes than an old pair of fishnet stockings.

I would advise you, if you must stick to Windows, to do a google search for zonealarm. Otherwise if you are serious about security, you will never get it with Microsoft, and I would advise you to look at some of the Linux distributions, and make a decision in that direction. Whatever, this is not the right place to ask this sort of question, as we do not associate with Microsoft on any level here, as we are all of the collective opinion that Microsoft products are nothing but a load of compromised rubbish. Sorry.

I think YOU didn't understand the question. Ranata Kabia wants to know a method to block the use of MS-Messenger, on a Linux Debian firewall.

So, why are you shitting out someone about the use of a platform, you don't want to use while YOU don't know ANYTHING of the situation of Ranata Kabia ... ?!

Please stay calm when you receive a mail from a list where you subscribed to. It is YOUR choice.



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