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Re: down to the core

> It boils down to this:
> 1. Linking a kernel module can be done in userspace.
> 2. Root can write to kernel memory.
> Thus, root can install a kernel module without the kernel module loader,
> if that is desired.
> Not as easy, of course, but still possible.
>     daniel
> ..so basically, this boils down to whether or not it is > possible to
grab root with some kinda nenetcattunt. >
>>Correct. As I remember you where running mail on port 25, it may be
popossibleo kill the mailer and then hack on a closed port 25

It is iteresting to think how many machines are compromised at this point
and the ?owners??who is the real owner anyway? Don?t have any idea about
it.  How many undocumented secret exploits? Well this is material that has
to be very well kept.  (How many undeground ?literally -internet wars at
this time? I don?t know?)

Windows machines are ?big brothers- machines.   They are full of backdoors
and the bigbrothers can use those if needed (for them). I am sure of it. 
So computing nowdays is becoming a form of social control with the
illusion of security due to antivirus software, firewalls etc?  Of course
there are also script-kiddies and others besides.  The internet is
changing  very  rapidly.

Problem is that using computers (debian for me) requires a step learning
curve.  I am just an motivated user and hardly find the time to learn  new
things, etc.

Hey if everybody has a computer with the ilusion of security maybe is
better than a microchip on your forehead.  Although that could also

Of course there is the option of closing all of the ports but that  is not

-Jose Marrero. ?Estos días azules y este sol de la infancia ?(Antonio

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