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Re: down to the core

 I don't think I've ever seen Debian 
> release a patch to fix a patch, unlike some other OS producers who 
> we shall refer to as M. Soft...no wait, that's too obvious...Micro 
> S. > 

LMAO,   :)

As the others have mentioned, there isn't too much you can add to get your
kernel more secure. I wonder if taking out the things you'll never use will 
help with security, but that might be over paranoid?

There are some other patches that you may consider. For example, the mppe 
patch. Debian has a .deb for this patch when your build your own kernel 
with "kernel-package".
This will give you VPN encryption for pptp-client or pptpd-server on your 
firewall. Your network may not ever use VPN but its something to check out if
VPN is an option for you. 
Note: There are other VPN packages out there that don't need the mppe patch.
, but pptp lets your communicate with M.Soft servers too. 
(still LMAO !!)


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