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Re: where the people are using iptables

В сообщении от 5 Май 2004 00:01 Ghe Rivero написал(a):
> Hi people,
> 	we are going to change the Cisco firewall solution to a new one based
> on iptables, but before that we would like to know of companys,
> universities, products, ... that are using it at the moment. Thanks in
> advanced.
> 	Ghe Rivero
> PD.- If anybody knows, the same with Snort as IDS

We have been using firewall (between Internet and local net) based on iptables 
for several years. To configure netfilter rules we use customized bash script 
from http://www.sentry.net/~obsid/IPTables/rc.scripts.dir

In my opinion it is very powerful and flexible thing. And though I cannot 
compare it with another firewalls (it is the only one I've been ever used) I 
have been able to configure any rule I need so far. 


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