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Re: IPMasquerading and Domestic LAn

On Tue, 16 Mar 2004 15:19:53 +0100
faz <faz@chiozzi.it> wrote:
> I'd like to configure a Woody stable like gateway (router,firewall) for 
> a domestic lan.
> I have a cable connection with a router  (Fast Web from Italy) that  
> offer dhcp.
> Giacomo Mulas (thanks very much) suggest me to use 2.4 kernel, so I 
> recompile it in woody.
> Brandon L. Noard (thanks very much) suggest to look www.aboutdebian.com, 
> and it seems very very useful.
Give rc.firewll a try, it is a very configurable and easy to use iptables script.

>  I'd like connect in the lan some winzozzz client for using winmx, can I 
> have some problem????
None that can not be solved.

Mvh Anders Lagerås

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