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Re: Iptables and p2p

I use my p2p programs IP setting to change my IP to the gatways IP.  The I
add a snat rule to clients to connect back to.  This means that I do have
a diffrent port for each commputer running p2p.  Also I use dyndns to see
what my IP needs tobe set too. Also gtk-gnutella supports host name
advertising and not IP so other clients will follow IP changes too.

--- Raffaele D'Elia <r.delia@starcomitalia.com> wrote:
> I think I need something like a connection tracking helper module for 
> p2p communications, but I have found only one project on freshmeat. 
> Unfortunately this module is still beta...
> Has someone info about a working and stable helper module?
> Regards.
> Radel
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