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Re: new comer

On Tue, 10 Feb 2004 08:59:25 -0600
sarah & nic <zast@verizon.net> wrote:

> i am somewhat new to debian and quite new to running a server.  i am 
> helping set up a debian server for our our new little record store.  i
> have it serving web pages just fine right now, but i haven't created 
> the public website yet.  i also have the stores inventory in mysql 
> (people working will access it through html and php).  i want to 
> eventually have the store's public webpage use the same database
> tables from mysql that the store uses, so the public webpage can show
> what we have dynamically.  i know that there are a million and one
> security concerns with this setup, but i know it probably helps to
> start with a good firewall.  can anyone point me to some good
> resources on the net for introducing a fledgling administrator to the
> concepts and implimention of a solid firewall?
Hello Sarah and Nic,

Other than the archive for this list:-


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