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Firewall script help

Can anyone offer some help with a firewall script?

I used firestarter (v0.8.2 from Debian woody) to generate a script for me
which, if it was doing what I wanted, would be sufficient.  (I just need a
basic firewall, not something industrial strength.)  Problem is that it's not
doing what I wanted.

Although it generates the script OK, the script doesn't do complete stealthing
of ports - particularly high-numbered ports (> 1024).  Apparently (as I found
out from a forum post) this is a known "feature" (i.e., intentional) in that
version but apparently is fixed in the 0.9.x versions.  Problem is that I
wasn't able to install 0.9 (which is in Debian sarge) onto my woody box due to
dependency probs.

I did a bit of reading up on firewall scripts and iptables and know that it's
not a complete black art, but it really is beyond my current expertise right
now to write a good firewall script, and it would take a huge investment of
time to come up to speed enough to do it properly.

I'm basically just looking for a script that does pretty standard firewall

* stealth all (including high) ports for incoming traffic except for the few I
want to leave open for services
* do some basic anti-hacking packet filtering to defend against bad, forged,
smurfed packets, etc.

I normally prefer hardware firewalls, but since I don't have physical access
to the box, that's not an option.  Firestarter seemed like a really good
option for my situation, but I can't get it to do what I need.

Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated!  TIA!


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