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Re: [OT] USB-Card for ISA (was: Re: iptables, ipmasquerade, firewall and webadministration)

Am 2003-12-30 14:22:19, schrieb Andreas Barth:
>* Michelle Konzack (linux4michelle@freenet.de) [031230 14:10]:
>> Curently I am using a Duron 1600 because my Standard-Router is a 
>> Am5x86/133 and has no USB-Interface
>Buy something cheap (e.g. ebay). The last computer I purchased there
>was about 50 Euro (including shipping) and had USB. That's probably
>cheaper than an USB-board, and also much easier.

Are you sure ?

at <http://www.pearl.fr/> you can get a PCI-USB 1.1 Card (supported 
by Linux) for 15 €

Please not, that the most of my P1 Mainboards which supports USB are 
gone within 5 years...

My oldest Cx 486dx40 runs since 1993 without any problems and my 
Am5x85/133 since 1997. The 486 does not eat my electircity-bill and 
can run with vry small fan. 

Hmmm, I try to get used multiport NIC's...
But on eBay I have found nothing, because I do not know there Names...



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