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Re: ip aliasing, virtual interfaces and incorrect source addresses...

Wow!  I tried the lo:0 trick and it worked like a charm.  Thanks!


> On Wednesday 24 December 2003 08:23, Matthew Whitworth wrote:
>> I have a host (eth0 = to which I recently added a virtual
>> interface (eth0:0 =  Now all  traffic that originates from
>> this host has the source address of eth0:0, which is causing some
>> problems
>> with a firewall that I don't control.
> Annoying isn't it?
> Try setting the second IP address as an alias on the *loopback* adapter,
> ie:
> lo:0. Use a bitmask of otherwise strange things may
> happen.
> This should force the system to only use the "real" address for outgoing
> requests, but it will still accept connections to the aliases address.

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