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Re: IP alias and port forwarding - packets die at external interface

--- Nathan BaBarhamnanathanlsleepygeekom> wrote:
> Tarragon Allen wrote:
> > 
> > Just a quick guess, you know that DNDNSequests use TCP sometimes instead of 
> > UDUDPYou need to allow both..
> > 
> Thanks for the reply.  Allowing TCP dididn fix it, but it appears to be 
> solved.  In trying to solve it, I just grabbed a sample script off of 
> the ininternetmodified it to use my IPIP, and ran that instead of my own 
> script.  Bingo it worked.  Then I put my script back in place, without 
> modifying anything, and it worked too, even after rebooting.
> The only thing I can see in the other script that I can attribute this 
> to is the command /sbsbinedepmoda , which my script dididn have.  I'd 
> like to break it again to be sure what the problem was, but I'm not sure 
> how.  Anyway, works great now.
Could it have been that you had old test rules in your table, a -F(--flush) would have fixed this.

This is a rereallyool script I use to deal with this, in a more elelegantanner.

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