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Re: please help me

No, he is complaining because he does not know what to do because he
connects through NAT and voip through nat does not work or its hard to
make it work.. He in fact is looking for a gatekeeper with a public ip
address in order to be able to use it. The problem is, who provides the

<quote who="Ken Gilmour">
> What are you talking about? do you mean you have a dynamic IP or do you
> mean you are using a proxy? Are you complaining about your firewall
> configuration which is a debian firewall or about your PC configuration
> which is a Debian PC?
> Replying to the message sent by memo online  on Wed, 19 Jun 2002
> 20:16:23 +0300, received at 20:24:34 on 29/10/2003. memo online wrote:
>> please help me as soon as pssipole
>>i am in syria a nd i have no real ip so when i need to use net2phont
>>its not working it need to real ip and we have proxy and firewll
>> so what i can do to use net2phone i what some program to get real
>>ip  please iam waiting u
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