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Re: limiting access thru pptp

On Friday 31 October 2003 03:17, Andrei D. Caraman wrote:
> A closer scan of pppd manuals would reveal that you can, in
> fact, assign per-user IP addresses.  The trick is to have the
> lines in /etc/ppp/{pap,chap}-secrets in the format:
> username	server	secret	IP_address
> for example:
> stephan		*	beirer
> Then make sure your /etc/pptpd.conf file correctly states the
> intended range for remote ip addresses, as in
> remoteip
> That should be all.

Actually, the final step (setting the remoteip range) isn't required. I have a 
pptp server that assigns static ips to clients and I have no remoteip line at 
all. The remoteip line just gives the pptp daemon a range to pull from, 
similar to dhcp - if you're setting statics in the {pap,chap}.secrets file, 
then remoteip doesn't need to be defined at all. Just thought I'd clarify 

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