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Re: Firewall Planning

Your point of view is extremely radical and paranoid, wireless does not mean open to anyone...

Ken Gilmour wrote:
No point in having an external firewall if you have an internal wireless (open) network for anyone who wants to use it. You might as well hang a network cable out your window for anyone to use.

On Tue, 21 Oct 2003 11:04:12 -0500, red Sent a mail to Ken Gilmour stating the following:

All, This may have come up a billion times in the past but, I am
setting up a FW  and I have some basic questions:

Setup 1:(idea at least)

Public ip 64.1.1.x                                          DMZ HOST (ports80,993,143,53)
upstream 64.1.1.                           / (internet)---DSLmodem-
---(64.x)FW(2.x)--HUB/                                         \  
\Linksys(Wireless router)                                           \         \                                                        \              \
 workstation, workstation

I have 5 static ips Im using a p400 with two nics (deb woody)

Goals: I want to do Packet Filtering and logging for the DMZ and the

Questions: 1) Do I need three Nics on the Firewall , one for the
2) In the drawing above I am running DHCP on the LAN with the
Linksys Wireless router. Should I run DHCP on the LAN interface on
the FW instead? What would be the benefits/drawbacks?
3) If the WAN interface in the router is a 64.1.1.x and the LAN
interface is a 2.x.x.x/24 will i be able to route the 1.1.1.x/24 and
DMZ host through the FW?
4) I want to use Iptables because I heard they are more advanced
than ipchains is this true?
5) I am somewhat familiar with the command line IPtables commands,
but was curious at to what other (non gui) tools I could use to
write rules.?

Thanks In advance -red


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