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SNAT from localhost with 2 gateways?


My firewall box has an ADSL modem hooked up to it with a so called SIP spoof. My external nic (eth1) has been manually configured to use my external IP, with the ADSL
modem set up as a gateway.

I've blocked all inbound traffic since I run no services, but do allow connections from the internal net to the internet, which are SNAT'ed. However I would like to run one program from the local box which requires internet, so I figured I'd SNAT that connection from the localhost as well. That way I will not have to open up ports to
and from the localhost, because all the necessary traffic is SNAT'ed.

Is this line of thought correct?

If so, then my problem is quite simple. I've already set a standard gateway, as that is necessary for the SIP spoof to work. If I change the default gw the SIP spoof won't
work but if I don't my internal connections won't get SNAT'ed.

Once again, I hope this is not something I missed and could've been solved by RTFM ;) Of so, just pointing me in the direction will be just as much appreciated. =)


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