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Re: Bombed - Trying to Recover - Need Advice

On Thu, Oct 16, 2003 at 05:46:28PM -0500, Thomas H. George wrote:

> I never studied any of the postings regarding the ms mail bombs which I 
> now regret.  I know there were a great many so now I don't know where 
> best to pick up the thread.
> For the record my box is testing with a 2.4.20 kernel on a wireless 
> network behind a standard ipmasq firewall on a stable box with no 
> xwindows installed.

after i answered a question on debian-firewall a few days earlier this week, 
my mailbox got viruses, about 5 - 10 an hour or so, and kept going on for a
few days until i solved the prob by using the "body_checks" option in
postfix, that stopped all .exe .pif etc. attachments

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