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Re: system requirements

Mensaje citado por "Jamin W. Collins" <jcollins@asgardsrealm.net>:

>  --- Pierre THIERRY <pierre.thierry@moine-fou.org> escribi?: 
> > > I would be looking close at 500+MHz for the CPU, to be honest.
> > 
> > It seems very huge to me! I heard many running some 486 or pentium as
> > thier firewall...
> I have a variety of systems running as firewalls ranging from a lowly
> 486SX 25 Mhz with 16 Megs RAM all the way up to a K7 1.4 Ghz  with 512
> Megs, the latter being serious overkill.  In most cases, I use the
> oldest slowest machine that still runs reliably, [...]
> -- 
> Jamin W. Collins

  I would have to agree with Pierre, remember the original question was about
routing gigabit ethernet, not a common home firewall.

  In my experience gigabit ethernet is way more bandwidth than what can be
filled with even a fast raid array (thinking about file sharing or video
streaming applications, for example). But in a router application, bandwidth
passed between interfaces may be much more than what passes between 2 separate
boxes. So yes, you wouldn't make it with a pentium pro or crappier hardware.

  As mentioned in an earlier message, a fast PCI bus: 66 MHz, 64 bit would be
recommended. And these tend to be on the higher end machines these days
(something more around 1-3 GHz), although one would expect the CPU to be idle
most of the time...    

 Check what gigabit adapters are better supported in the kernel or available in
your area. I've worked with 3com/tigon (tg3 driver) as well as intel gigabit
fiber or utp (e1000 driver), both with good results in servers. I've not yet
played with them on a router.

 Just my 0.02



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