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Re: a question


On Wed, 28 May 2003 12:40:29 +0300 belu marian <marianbelu@easynet.ro>

> Can you please help me in this matter? One of my friends cannot join a
> few sites because of firewall (messenger for example). Can you please
> tell me how he can get over it using computer?

Very easy: write an email to the firewall admin. If you don't want to
use the computer, phone him or walk by and invite him for a beer...

Naah, serious: either the access is blocked for a reason or the config
just does not meet requirements (e.g. access to http:88 needed but only
tcp/80 allowed in the "Web surfing is okay" rule in the packet filter).
Either way, politely asking the FW admin will give you either the reason
or access...


Volker Tanger


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