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Re: iptables to record bandwidth usage

Mark Devin wrote:

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emorfin@caracol.red.cinvestav.mx wrote:
| Hi!
| Heve you tried MRTG?
| http://mrtg.hdl.com/
I looked into this a little.  However, I believe it can only be used for
monitoring bandwidth usage per port on the router.  I don't think it
will examine the IP headers and tally statistics on a per IP basis.

Does anyone know if MRTG can be used in this way?

I haven't heard of it used that way. But have you tried a piece of software called netramet? It was specifically designed to provide flow based accounting on IP networks.... And of course it's free. It cam out of Auckland University (NZ) from Nevil Brownlee (IIRC).



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