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Re: iptables, gateway and hylafax

Right so its a default gateway rather than just a gateway. Have you set a table to divert the port which you use for faxes to the appropriate machine?
is it supposed to retrieve faxes from outside or are they supposed to be sent to it from outside?
On Mon, 26 May 2003 22:30:43 +0200, David Dumortier Sent a mail to Ken Gilmour stating the following:
>Le Mon May 26 2003 à 07:31:09PM +0100, Ken Gilmour ecrivit :
>>If all your tables are set to accept why don't you just connect the
>>fax server directly to the network? (Unless of course you're trying
>>to translate IPX/SPX to TCP/IP). How does the network transfer the
>>data to the fax server ?
>Perhaps my english was not good enough ...
>My fax server is on the network, but the client is behind the
>gateway, it is a topological network constraint (token-
>ring/ethernet) And if all is on accept, it is because it's only
>rules for hylafax (I didn't put other rules because it doesn't
>matter (I can make a 'telnet' to server)) The problem is with
>ip_conn_track, I think. But strangely, a 'ftp' from computer to
>network is all right ...
>We're not newbies, there's a lot of stuffes that whork on the
>computer (samba, vnc, ...) but not the fax !
>Oh I didn't tell that computer is on XP (beu...) with Whfc of
>Thx David

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