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Re: iptables, gateway and hylafax


Le Mon May 26 2003 à 07:31:09PM +0100, Ken Gilmour ecrivit : 
> If all your tables are set to accept why don't you just connect the fax
> server directly to the network? (Unless of course you're trying to translate
> IPX/SPX to TCP/IP). How does the network transfer the data to the fax server ?

Perhaps my english was not good enough ...
My fax server is on the network, but the client is behind the gateway, it is
a topological network constraint (token-ring/ethernet)
And if all is on accept, it is because it's only rules for hylafax (I didn't
put other rules because it doesn't matter (I can make a 'telnet' to server))
The problem is with ip_conn_track, I think. But strangely, a 'ftp' from
computer to network is all right ...

We're not newbies, there's a lot of stuffes that whork on the computer
(samba, vnc, ...) but not the fax !

Oh I didn't tell that computer is on XP (beu...) with Whfc of Transcom.


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