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Re: basic question about firewall usage

At 07:23 AM 5/9/03, Xucaen wrote:
Hi all, I am going to set up a p133 as a
dedicated firewall. I have a couple of PCs
networked and I would like to share my cable
internet. Is there a concern with using this
machine to for other things, such as priner
server, sql server, email server? I'm just
looking for general information to start my
research. This is all pretty new to me.

I have a P133 machine acting as a NAT firewall (iptables) to share cable to the LAN for ~30 users. It also acts as a low-volume pop/imap/smtp mail server and jabber server without any difficulties. I've attempted to add webmail (apache-ssl) to the mix, but that's a struggle.

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