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Re: HW Requierements+config question

hi Albert,

On Sat, 29 Mar 2003 14:49:15 +0100
Albert Dengg <a_d@gmx.at> wrote:

> I just reactivated an old asus p5a MB+ petntium166MHz +64 MB Ram
> so two parts:
> 1.	will this be enough for a vpn gw to service an 802.11b WLAN
> (theoretlly 11MB brutto, actuall troughput about 400-500 kByte max)
> using gibraltar or mayby self installed debin, I'm not shure yet?

i run vpnd on a 486 cpu at 100MHz with 20mb ram. you'll be fine with the p166.

> 2.	does anybody now if it is possible to make this board boot without
> keyboard & graphics card?

nothing specific in the manual. try turning 'halt on errors' to 'no errors' (as
you said before) in the 'standard cmos setup' of your boards bios. this disables
keyboard errors.
vga may be bit of a problem. your board will probably beep a few times but then
boot anyway. just try running it without graphics card.

> 	(one thing that would be nice, but is not nessecary: does anybody now
> how to make a atx board boot on power reactivation when there is no bios
> otption for it?

you could use the power supplys standby signal to trigger a relay that shorts
the 'ATX power switch' connector on the keyboard (this will emulate the use of
the power switch without disabling it completely). you'll need to put a
capacitor between the relay and the standby signal to limit electrical current.

some may find this crazy. some may have more sophisticated hacks.

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