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Re: iptables not blocking dhcp traffic (dhclient)

On Mon, Mar 24, 2003 at 05:23:06PM +0100, Remy C. Cool wrote:
> Why is it that the dhclient program on this machine still get's it IP 
> from the dhcp server and why don't I get the DHCP traffic in the log? 
> The rules are installed before networking is initialized. (The 
> logging works for any other traffic on this box.) 

	Because ISC DHCP does not use UDP sockets, it uses
	raw and/or packet sockets. It effectively gets a _copy_
	of the packet, and that copy does not go through the
	netfilter framework.

	Same thing as why tcpdump sees packets your firewall
	rules drop.

> Also when I create a rule which sets ICMP incomming to REJECT and try 
> to telnet to the machine, the 'telnetting' machine does not get the 
> icmp port unreachable message but times out. When doing this with my 
> old ipchains box, the message was recieved and did not have to wait 
> on a timeout. Is this normal behaviour for iptables or does it has to 
> be something else?   

	Uh? You set ICMP incoming to REJECT on machine A, and then telnet
	from machine B to machine A? That doesn't have anything to do with
	ICMP going _to_ machine A. That's TCP SYN B->A and then possible,
	if the packet was rejected, an ICMP error A->B.

	As always, if in doubt make the rule in question a LOG rule, and
	see if it matches anything at all. In this case, it probably

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