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ipmasq doesn't see nics correctly

Been having a problem setting up ipmasq with a 2.4.19 kernel. I have solved the problem with a hack in the ipmasq rulesets. I would like to figure out a cleaner way to solve this problem. I think your firewall is the last place you want a hack!

ipmasq -V  >>  3.5.11
iptables -V  >>  iptables v1.2.7a
uname -a >> Linux ssp2 2.4.19 #4 SMP Mon Feb 24 01:04:18 EST 2003 i686 Pentium III (Katmai) GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

I found that in ruleset /etc/ipmasq/rules/M70masq.def ipmasq didn't know which were internal and which were external interfaces: It showed INTERNAL as an empty string and EXTERNAL_OUT as 'eth0 eth1'. I have my system accessing dsl on eth0 (external) and our internal network on eth1 (internal).

I modified the rule script and substituted my own M70masq.rul (as recommended) and straightened things out in this script to get masquerading and forwarding set up correctly. All I did was temporarily substitute etho for EXTERNAL_OUT and eth1 for INTERNAL.

Has anyone come accross this problem? Is it a problem in the script or in my configuration?

Thanks for any help,

Joe Golden
The Stevens School of Peacham

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