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Re: Recommendations for a simple firewall please

Install the ipmasq package. It will probably conflict with things you
have currently installed, so remove them. No need to configure anything
beyond answering a couple debconf questions during installation.

Works for me, and has, at least since hamm. YMMV.


On Wed, Feb 12, 2003 at 05:31, Tony Sequeira wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am running 2 machines with Debian Woody, one has X, the
> other not.
> They both have their own dial up access to the internet,
> and are on an internal network (192.168.0.)
> I have installed ferm and ipmenu on the non X machine, but
> am having difficulty setting up a firewall.
> The X machine has uses firestarter, but not quite as things
> should be, Firestarter starts on a boot up, but typically
> starts so restrictively, that I cannot download my email or
> surf the web.  I have to stop and reconfigure firestarter
> after every bootup.  The documenattion says that a single
> configuration file should be reusable, but I cannot find
> where to place it.
> I spent a weekend playing with ferm/ipmenu on the other
> machine, and got in a hell of a mess.
> Documentation is minimal at best.  I don't have the
> grounding to set these things automatically.
> I would like a firewall that springs into action when I
> dial up my ISP, and goes down when I disconnect.
> If someone can suggest the best tool(s) to use for such a
> requirement and point me at a reasonably verbose HOWTO, I
> would be grateful.
> Cheers
> -- 
> Tony

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